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SIS (Science in Sports) SIS Recoverydrink Whey Protein (1kg)
SIS Recoverydrink Whey Protein (1kg) €47,95 €49,95

SIS Recoverydrink Whey Protein (1kg)

€49,95 €47,95
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SiS Whey Protein contains a blend of high quality whey protein isolate and concentrate. The product formulation provides a source of rapidly digesting protein, with an amino acid profile which supports lean muscle growth and maintenance, with at least 5g of BCAAs per serving.

Each serving contains 22-23g of protein per serving, depending on the flavour you choose. Whey protein has some of the highest digestion rates known, and has a high leucine content, either 2.5g per 30g serving for strawberry, banana and vanilla flavour, or 2.4g for chocolate flavour. Leucine is an amino acid which is not only a building block for new muscle protein, but also increases the rate of muscle protein synthesis.

Why should I take SiS Whey Protein?

SiS Whey Protein is a great tasting, convenient way to ensure you have enough protein in your diet. For individuals that exercise regularly and want to promote a low body fat percentage, around 1.4-1.6g of protein per kilo of body mass is recommended. For a 75kg male who trains regularly that would equate to 120g of protein per day.

Your body can only process up to 25g of protein at a time, so a graduated intake of 20-25g every 3-4 hours through the day is recommended by sports nutritionists to support lean muscle mass. Many people have larger servings of protein at their mealtimes, meaning that there is an over consumption at some times and a lack of intake at others. SiS Whey Protein is easily added to the diet to allow you to spread out your protein intake with very little additional and unnecessary carbohydrate or fat.

As with all SiS products, SiS Whey Protein is produced at our Informed Sport accredited factory and is rigorously screened to ensure a clean, safe product that athletes of all levels trust.

Ingredienten: volgt binnenkort


  Per 100g Per Serving 30g
Energie 1643kj/390kcal 493kj/117kcal
Vet 7.7g 2.3g
waarvan verzadigd 4.3g 1.3g
Koolhydraten 5.9g 1.8g
waarvan suiCherry 2.9g 0.9g
Vezel 3.1g 0.9g
Eiwitten 72g 22g
Natrium 1.0g 0.3g


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